Palms Bet gaming clubs

PALMS BET Sofia, Hadji Dimitar district, 9 Vladimir Vazov blvd.

Sofia, Hadjy Dimitar district, 9 Vladimir Vazov BLVD.



Away from the noisy busy heart of the city but still close to the ultimate fun, there is a place from the brand Palms Bet that you simply need to visit. The gaming hall is located near one of the busiest boulevards in Hadjy Dimitar District with its doors always open for all the adventure seekers. 

You will soon be impressed with the simple, luxurious and spacious interior. But first, you will be warmly welcomed by the helpful knowledgeable staff. They will gladly help you to choose your game from the rich collection (the ultimate hit here is Highway and Speedway by Casino Technology), from the many options of winning the attractive jackpots, for the rules of electronic roulette or how to participate in some of the best everyday promotions. You simply need to ask and your day will turn into lucky day!