Palms Bet gaming clubs

PALMS BET Sofia, 8 Lyulin district, bl. 821, entr. A

Sofia, 8 Lyulin district, bl. 821, entr. A

0882 171 070



If you keep wondering what could be the mathematical formula for fun then you simply need to visit one of the many Palms Bet gaming halls. The one located in Lyulin District is definitely the right place to start with!

The interior is cozy and inviting. The technological features of the slot machines that you will find at your disposal are best for all players comfort. The welcome is always amazing and surprises never end. Become one of the loyal guest and you will discover a whole new world of chances.

In addition, you will find great everyday promotions and never ending jackpots. Are you one step closer to the mathematical formula of fun? We bet you are!