Palms Bet gaming clubs

PALMS BET Sofia, Pavlovo district, 5 Al. Pushkin str.

Sofia, Pavlovo district, 5 Al. Pushkin str.

0884 147 711



You have probably heard the phrase “Go South, pal” and you know what’s the meaning of it. We will also tell you to go south, but literally.

Go to one of the southern districts on the big city to find your little oasis, hidden between the huge buildings and busy traffic. We are talking about the gaming hall Palms Bet in Pavlovo District, of course.

You will be strongly impressed not with the interior, despite its richness and lux but with people. You will be warmly welcomed by smiling, young and beautiful staff, ready to show you around and lead you to the best choice for your taste. The collection of slot machines and gaming temptations is rich. The newest Casio Technology products are available (Speedway 70-73), the loyal membership cards give more and the Mystery Jackpot – well, the winning of it could wait only for your show up!