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PALMS BET Sofia, 38 Madrid blvd.

Sofia, 38 Madrid blvd.

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Is it gambling if I always win?

That will surely be the question to ask if you visit one of the many Palms Bet gaming halls in Sofia.

This gaming hall is located right in the city centre - 38 Madrid Blvd. Upon entering the hall’s door, you will be immediately impressed with the rich, sleek and stylish interior. You will find all of your favourite here. The newest Casino Technology cabinets such as Sensa and Aurora and the ultimate hit in the innovation field - Arch are at your disposal. The fun is guaranteed by the latest multigame Speedway - 70, 71, 72, 73 and by all the progressive jackpot systems available in the gaming hall.

You can experience by yourselves that there is no other option but winning in Palms Bet. Win more memorable moments, more good times and more fortune!