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September 2017

PALMS BET Varna, MALL Varna, 186 Vladislav Varnenchik blvd.

Varna, MALL Varna, 186 Vladislav Varnenchik blvd.

0884 624 779



How do you entertain yourselves when you suddenly feel bored from shopping in the mall? We could immediately share our little secret with you to help you solve that problem. When you feel the boredom of the mall you can find your refuge in the newest and ultra-luxurious gaming hall from the brand Palms Bet in Varna. 

Along with the very classy interior and the doors always open for fun and pleasure, you will be strongly impressed with the rich collection of games, the most comfortable cabinets and the newest innovative and elegant cabinet by Casino TechnologyArch.

Become a part of the membership program of the hall so you could advantage all the goods it offers. Ask for the everyday promotions or just sit at the bar, drink a glass of whiskey and enjoy the mysterious enchanted atmosphere of the gaming hall and gambling adventures.

Your traditional shopping in the mall could suddenly turn into something very exciting!